Argentina's Minister of Foreign Affairs, Diana Mondino, announced the country's decision to adopt Bitcoin for contractual agreements.

Argentina's Minister of Foreign Affairs, Diana Mondino, has declared the government's intention to accept and formalize contracts in Bitcoin. This decision represents a notable development in the legal recognition of Bitcoin in Argentina and indicates the government's willingness to incorporate the asset.

Mondino stated that the policy also applies to other cryptocurrencies and tangible goods such as livestock and dairy products. According to Article 766, there is an obligation for debtors to fulfill payments in the agreed currency, irrespective of its status as legal tender in Argentina.

This announcement comes one month after Javier Milei, a proponent of Bitcoin, won the presidential candidacy in Argentina. 

Milei has been critical of the central bank, accusing it of enabling inflation through government policies. He advocates for Bitcoin as a tool for returning monetary control to the private sector and reducing governmental inflationary practices.

The government's decision to use Bitcoin in contractual agreements is part of its strategy to leverage Bitcoin and other currencies for economic growth and innovation. This policy is aimed at enhancing Argentina's investment and business environment.

Details regarding the implementation and legal aspects of this policy are still pending.

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