3iQ Corporation announced the launch of Coinshares Bitcoin Feeder ETF on the CBOE exchange in Australia through a press release.

The ETF will provide retail and institutional investors with exposure to the spot price of Bitcoin through an underlying fund. At 1.20%, Coinshare's Bitcoin Feeder ETF has the lowest fee structure available for Australian Bitcoin ETFs. 

The fund will invest in Bitcoin from exchanges and counterparties vetted by the company and does not plan on using derivatives. The ETF will operate more like a mutual fund of spot Bitcoin holdings. 

The Coinshares Bitcoin Feeder ETF has a dual-regulated fund structure that is subject to regulations in both Australia and Canada.

The fund will reflect its value from the MVIS CryptoCompare Bitcoin Benchmark Rate Index (MVIBBR). By taking 20 three-minute intervals to calculate a weighted average, the fund's price will be the average price of Bitcoin's current value.

Australia and the Cboe Exchange made headlines last month with the listing of two Bitcoin ETFs, marking them as the first official offerings in the country with varying structures.

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