JAN3, a new company led by Bitcoin entrepreneur, Samson Mow, is now assisting with the Bitcoin City project in El Salvador.  

Samson Mow is the founder of Pixelmatic and former CSO of Blockstream. His newest company, JAN3 has managed to raise $21M in funding with a current $100M in valuation.  

JAN3’s name is a reference to January 3, 2009, when Bitcoin founder, Satoshi Nakamoto, mined the “genesis block” of Bitcoin. This block, also known as Block 0, marked the creation of the Bitcoin blockchain.   

Mow's company was formed specifically to support Bitcoin and help advance adoption efforts. According to Mow, JAN3 has recently executed a memorandum of understanding focused on accelerating digital infrastructure in El Salvador saying, “It‘s a general MOU that says we'll work together to build digital infrastructure for the country and for Bitcoin City.” 

El Salvador President Bukele and other government officials will be working with JAN3 to pull the Bitcoin City project together with volcanoes being the primary source of energy for mining efforts and infrastructure. Because volcanoes are an excellent source of geothermal energy, they provide an excellent renewable energy source for Bitcoin mining. Other areas of the world, such as Iceland, have been utilizing volcanoes for some time now.  

JAN3 joined Twitter back in December 2021 and currently has 4,505 followers, with numbers continuing to grow. JAN3 claims its “mission is to accelerate hyperbitcoinization” and that Bitcoin will “fix the world.”  

The company’s latest funding round was led by co-founder of Bitcoin Capital, El Zonte Capital, and Heisenberg Capital Max Keiser (along with his wife, Stacy Herbert); Chief Investment Officer of the Atlanta Digital Currency Fund Alistar Milne; and co-founder of F2Pool Chun Wang. 

These latest developments are following Mow’s speech at the 2022 Bitcoin Conference where he discussed new jurisdictions allowing the adoption of Bitcoin as a legal currency.  

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