A Slovakian Bitcoin miner named Dušan Matuska strives to become a Bitcoin educator on a small island of Roatán, Honduras. Matuska plans to use a previous Montessori school building to create an education center in a special economic zone called Próspera. Currently, Próspera accepts Bitcoin as legal tender. 

Matuska was inspired by Bitcoin Beach in neighboring El Salvador and planned on trying something similar in Honduras. Matuska has a personal mission to educate 100 million people about Bitcoin by the year 2030 which stems from his experiences educating people at crypto cafés in 2018. Matuska would initially educate people in the crypto cafés and begin implementing transactions with Bitcoin for coffee. 

Matuska spoke with the CEO of the Próspera special economic zone, Erick Brimen, who was hosting a Montessori school that is outgrowing its building and is planning on constructing a new one. Brimen and Matuska have teamed up with a shared vision. 

Próspera is looking to have “100 co-creators that will be ‘hands on’ in activating a string of strategic projects”. The project has gotten a lot of publicity along with Samson Mow's announcement at the Bitcoin 2022 conference that Próspera aims to be a future location for Bitcoin legal tender. As development continues, Próspera will attract a lot of Bitcoiners and provide local citizens a place to learn more about Bitcoin. 

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