A new and improved English diploma curriculum has been introduced by El Salvador-based Bitcoin education program Mi Primer Bitcoin.

Head of curriculum for Mi Primer Bitcoin Dalia Platt explains that the “aim is to change the way people learn about Bitcoin. The goal is to make the course interactive, fun, creative, accessible and easy to understand for all, using examples that can reach and impact every corner of the world.”

Some of the topics for the new curriculum include “What is Money?,” “Navigating Scarcity in a Growing Economy,” and more.

Platt stated that the organization has seen exponential growth by educating more than 10,000 students this year, which is 25 times more than the year before. 

“As the first Bitcoin nation, El Salvador has the unique opportunity to lead the way in Bitcoin education,” added Platt.

More than 35 high school students received their Bitcoin degrees as part of the program’s debut. 

Platt explained how she believes the new Diploma Program has already had a huge impact on the direction of Bitcoin education and how it is constantly being improved by combining teacher and student feedback.

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