Braiins, the first bitcoin mining pool company, has donated 10 of their own bitcoin as well as 2.5 petahash to support Ukraine in lieu of Russia's invasion into the sovereign state. The company also created a hashrate donation account on Slush Pool so that Bitcoin miners across the globe to can donate their hashrate towards the Come Back Alive Foundation with the intention of supporting the Ukrainian people. 

Transparency is one of the company's highest values, which is why they have created a read-only profile so that anyone can access and view the hashrate donation account. By going to and logging in using username - help@ukraine, and password - ukraine, anyone can go check out how much hashrate has been donated in real-time.

At the time of this article, 115 miners had donated a total average of 4.367 petahash/second, and over 2 million sats as rewards.

The hashrate donations are just like any other Bitcoin donation as they can't be stopped or frozen. Also, unlike the recent backlash from the Canadian government over the Freedom Convoy receiving BTC, the bitcoin donations have been warmly welcomed by the Ukrainian people and government alike.

Braiins is based in Prague, Czech Republic. Being from a country that was also once under Russia's Soviet Union regime, the invasion has hit close to home for the company. Demonstrating their solidarity through generous donations and by exclaiming "Slava Ukrayini!" ("Glory Ukraine") online, the company states their position firmly for freedom and for sovereignty.

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