Jack Dorsey's philanthropic endeavor, #startsmall, has donated $10 million in funding for OpenSats, a non-profit organization that supports the development of free and open-source software and projects related to Bitcoin, Nostr, and other related technologies.

The donation will be used for developing a self-sufficient ecosystem and ensure a regular stream of funding for open-source protocols and projects. 

Additionally, half of the donation will be allocated to enhance the growing Nostr ecosystem. With the funding, OpenSats intends to expand its initiatives and optimize its operations.

OpenSats stated that “We believe that free software and open protocols are necessary for a free and prosperous society. Without software that protects the individual user's rights and freedoms, and without digital infrastructure that is open to all, modern society risks slipping further into digital totalitarianism.”

OpenSats pledges to remain a fully transparent operation, ensuring that all contributions are allocated entirely to projects vetted by the OpenSats board of directors, except for those designated for operational purposes. 

#startsmall's generous contribution includes funding for OpenSats' operational budget, enabling the organization to maintain its 100% pass-through practice.

OpenSats added that the presence of several open-source contributors, including tenured core developers, on their board facilitates their comprehension of the requirements for establishing efficient and sustainable support systems.

To expand its initiatives, OpenSats has established a panel of Nostr developers and innovators, such as fiatjaf, the creator of Nostr, and NVK, the CEO of Coinkite, to assess project and protocol contributions. 

Additionally, NVK and software engineer Gigi will be joining the OpenSats board to aid in organizational and funding decisions, with Gigi taking on a full-time role in directing ongoing operations and strategy.

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