Non-custodial Bitcoin desktop wallet Wasabi Wallet has gained considerable traction since its launch as a preferred tool for bitcoiners seeking increased transactional privacy. Wasabi is possibly best known for its integrated CoinJoin solution, a privacy-enhancing technology that obfuscates the origin of UTXOs.

On Thursday, the developers behind Wasabi Wallet announced the upcoming roll-out of Wasabi Wallet 2.0, which brings major interface and functionality upgrades.

Just like the wallet's first iteration, Wasabi Wallet 2.0 seeks to enhance the transactional privacy of Bitcoin users by making certain best privacy practices "effortless" to achieve. As such, the upgraded wallet comes with a series of design and user experience upgrades.

Manual CoinJoins Will Be "a Thing of the Past"

Wasabi founder "Nopara" told the BTC Times that one of Wasabi 2.0's crucial features is to enable automatic CoinJoins and remove coin control for CoinJoined coins in order to simplify and thereby improve the wallet's user experience. 

We'll improve on the former by enabling CoinJoins to happen automatically without user action and advance the latter by utilizing the insight that coin control for CoinJoined coins isn't very useful, so we can delegate coin control to advanced sections of the wallet.

Along with providing a more seamless user experience for the wallet, Wasabi Wallet's developers have integrated WabiSabi into the new release. 

WabiSabi is an integration of CoinJoin that aims to facilitate "faster, more cost-efficient collaborative transactions without waste, lay the foundation for payments within CoinJoins, and open the door for combinations with other technologies." WabiSabi represents "the best" the Wasabi team could achieve with on-chain Bitcoin privacy as it stands.

A Focus on UI

Also core to Wasabi Wallet 2.0 is the integration of a fluent design feature. As Nopara explained to the BTC Times, Wasabi Wallet's UI team "thought Wasabi could be a great showcase of how beautiful and modern UIs can be built with that framework, so they are now in the middle of a complete UI redesign of Wasabi."

The new UI differs greatly from what Wasabi users may be used to and awaits privacy seekers with a clean, minimal interface much more suited for a wide audience.

The Wasabi Wallet 2.0 upgrade opens up a new range of opportunities for Wasabi to appeal to a large group of Bitcoin users that may want to improve their privacy but have so far shied away from complex tools such as CoinJoin. 

At press time, the launch date of Wasabi Wallet 2.0 is not clear, but expected to take place in the coming eight to nine months.

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