One of the major announcements at BTC Prague 2024 was the introduction of Satlantis, a new project led by Aleks Svetski.

According to Svetski, Satlantis is a project designed to blend elements of the digital and physical worlds to create a unique experience. It aims to integrate Nostr with Bitcoin, leveraging decentralized money and social networks as fundamental components. 

However, this integration is just one aspect of Svetski's broader vision for Satlantis.

Satlantis intends to enhance how people travel, review products, purchase goods and services, and book accommodations. User reviews, influenced by personal networks and preferences, will play a crucial role in these activities. 

The project aspires to be community-driven, improving travel experiences and fostering connections among users.

Svetski emphasized that the project's development will be shaped by user input, potentially including marketplaces, accommodation rentals, car rentals, and advice on various topics.

Satlantis, currently in its early stages, has the potential for significant growth, especially with exposure from events like BTC Prague. The community's response and adoption will be crucial to its success. 

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