In a surprising twist that caught the attention of both his followers and the wider public, Ben Hart became the subject of a widely discussed social media post, courtesy of a TikTok video made by his daughter, Madi Hart.

Ben Hart, who is recognized for his breakdancing—a skill that distinguishes him as the world's oldest actively competing breakdancer at 66—found himself navigating a complex narrative woven by his daughter.

The incident began when Hart, one morning, stumbled upon a flurry of comments labeling him a 'deadbeat dad,' stemming from Madi's video. 

In the video, Madi, a Hollywood screenwriter and social media influencer, humorously shared her perspective on her father's life decisions, particularly his departure from the family to pursue his passion for breakdancing.

In response, Hart took to video to articulate his side of the story. He addressed the points raised by his daughter, shedding light on the nuances of their family situation, including details of his divorce and financial support for the family.

Although Hart did not explicitly discuss Bitcoin, its presence was unmistakable throughout the segment, with Bitcoin logos prominently featured on his shirt and a Bitcoin flag in the background during his breakdancing performance.

Bitcoiners immediately took notice, expressing their admiration for Hart's attire and flag.

Hart’s video became so viral that even Elon Musk responded.

Hart also recognized the impact of inflation by stating, "in all, I paid out about $5,000,000 to my ex-wife to cover costs for her and the kids. This was in 2005 dollars. So, add 50% to account for inflation. In other words, I was not a deadbeat dad at all."

Throughout his rebuttal, Ben conveyed a message of love and commitment to his children, despite the humorous undertones of Madi's original video.

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