On the 15th anniversary of the Bitcoin white paper, Bitfinex, a leading digital asset trading platform, and Torogoz Dev, an educational program in El Salvador focused on Bitcoin, have announced a partnership.

In 2021, El Salvador declared Bitcoin as legal tender, creating an increased demand for educational resources on the subject. 

Recognizing this need, especially in the areas of Bitcoin and Lightning Network development, Torogoz Dev has started offering technical training in these fields.

Paolo Ardoino, Chief Technology Officer of Bitfinex, emphasized the importance of technical education in advancing Bitcoin. He expressed his enthusiasm for Torogoz Dev's initiative to develop the technical skills of professionals in El Salvador, enabling them to engage with and contribute to the Bitcoin ecosystem. 

Ardoino also shared his enthusiasm in partnering with Torogoz Dev and commemorating the 15th anniversary of the Bitcoin white paper through this educational endeavor.

Torogoz Dev has introduced a program called Fellowship, targeting students with a foundational understanding of BTC and Lightning programming. This course aims to deepen the understanding and application of Bitcoin in El Salvador. 

The curriculum covers various topics, including how Bitcoin and Lightning nodes operate, network development, and node management.

Torogoz Dev students will collaborate with Cherito Cafe, an El Salvadorian agribusiness that accepts Bitcoin. The students' tasks involve identifying business requirements, defining project objectives, and developing an open-source project on GitHub.

The course also covers aspects of cloud service management and the use of programming in the Lightning Network for payment purposes. 

Additionally, students will be introduced to API documentation and security measures for Lightning, microservices, and APIs. This training will also extend to the development of plugins for content management systems like WooCommerce and WordPress.

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