The recently released “Bitsneaks” is a project that Bitrefill and NBA Star Spencer Dinwiddie collaborated on in order to release the world’s most high-tech sneaker. The shoes are able to display the live Bitcoin price, block height, and other metrics on a sleek flexible LED-matrix screen. Free cellular data (within 154 countries) is included with the shoe in order to update the Bitcoin metrics.

Dinwiddie stated that he has always strived to be a leader within the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency space. “The opportunity to develop the world’s most high-tech sneaker with Bitrefill has been the experience of a lifetime,” he says.

Founder of Bitrefill Sergej Kotliar explains that in the same way that Bitrefill’s products and services must be better than their competitors, he and his team wanted to offer a sneaker that would put them above giants like Nike.

With a very small team that includes Bitrefill, Davey Taylor (Bitsneaks hardware), tech wizards from TNSID, and Dinwiddie, the group was able to develop a sneaker that pushes the known boundaries of what is possible for wearable tech.

What Is Included?

  • One pair of Bitsneak’s sneakers.
  • Shoes come with free cellular data in 154 countries.
  • Shoebox includes a charger, full node, and a very slow mining rig.
  • An app to control the LED-matrix screen.

For this first edition pair, only four will ever be produced. Each pair sells for the price of one Bitcoin and Bitrefill will only accept payment in Bitcoin. 

Another interesting feature for the sneakers is when Bitcoin hits $1 million, the LED-matrix screen will turn purple. 
There are confirmed plans to launch more pairs of shoes in the future. These limited-edition Bitsneaks are now available for pre-orders on their website.

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