Bitwage, a Bitcoin payroll provider, has partnered with Bitcoin security company Casa as well as Edge Wallet to streamline the process for onboarding businesses to a Bitcoin standard, according to a press release sent to Bitcoin Magazine. 

Bitwage explains that throughout its time cooperating with governments and businesses, one of the most prominent obstacles preventing Bitcoin adoption through a payroll option is the lack of Bitcoin education among employees. The main challenge outlined by Bitwage is that when users are asked to provide a Bitcoin address to the wallet they wish to receive payment, those unfamiliar with the ecosystem feel confused and intimidated. 

The partnership with Casa and Edge wallet strategically addresses the aforementioned challenge. “Finally users can eliminate the need to copy and paste addresses between apps and websites when needing to request crypto into their wallet,” said Paul Puey, CEO and co-founder of Edge Wallet.

During the payroll process, users may now select either Casa or Edge wallet as their main wallet, allowing Bitwage to guide its users to have their payroll in Bitcoin fully set up in a streamlined process. 

“Education is a very important part of the Bitwage experience, and part of this experience is helping our users understand wallets while teaching them how to be their own bank,” said Jonathan Chester, CEO of Bitwage.

Casa and Edge helped Bitwage with their user interface and QR code integration to facilitate a much better user experience, especially for those users new to the ecosystem. “We’re excited about this seamless integration making it simpler and safer for Bitwage users to hold the keys to their Bitcoin, which protects them against many of the custodial security risks we’ve seen highlighted in our industry this year,” said Christian Wallin, VP of product and design at Casa.

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