The Switzerland-based Bitcoin application Relai, featuring a self-custody wallet, has partnered with Blockstream and Breez to incorporate the Lightning Network into its service. 

This integration is set to impact over 100,000 users in Europe, as reported in a recent announcement.

The Lightning Network is designed to enhance the scalability of Bitcoin transactions, offering faster and more cost-effective transactions. 

Through this recent implementation, Relai intends to simplify the process of Bitcoin transactions for its users, allowing them to directly send and receive Bitcoin to their self-custodied wallets.

Julian Liniger, CEO of Relai, commented on the development, emphasizing the strategic importance of the Lightning Network for Bitcoin's future and its role in Relai's mission to facilitate accessible, secure, and efficient Bitcoin transactions for a broad audience.

The collaboration with Blockstream and Breez is aimed at ensuring a smooth integration of the Lightning Network, enhancing the user experience. 

With Blockstream's Greenlight cloud nodes and the Breez SDK's Lightning Service Providers, Relai is positioned to leverage the advantages of the Lightning Network while maintaining users' control over their funds.

This move to integrate the Lightning Network marks the beginning of Relai's efforts to expand its product offerings and its presence across Europe. 

The company is also pursuing the MiCA license to broaden its services across the continent, aligning with its objective to make Bitcoin widely accessible to numerous users in Europe.

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