In a press release sent to BTC Times, Blockstream has introduced Greenlight, a solution allowing developers and enterprise clients to integrate Bitcoin payments via the Lightning Network into their software.

Blockstream's Core Tech Engineer and Greenlight lead, Christian Decker, stated, "it's designed to let developers integrate Lightning in their apps seamlessly while granting users full exclusive control over their funds."

In the field of Lightning payments, users face a trade-off between convenience and self-custody. Custodial solutions are user-friendly but compromise on security and financial control, while non-custodial solutions require technical expertise. 

Running Lightning node software can be challenging for newcomers.

Greenlight's architecture ensures that users have complete control over their private keys, enhancing security. This facilitates seamless integration of Lightning into applications for developers.

For businesses seeking to utilize the Lightning Network, Greenlight simplifies the process of building and maintaining Lightning infrastructure, allowing companies to focus on application development without compromising security or functionality.

Greenlight offers developer certificates for API access via its developer console. 

Blockstream provides a free tier for developers to deploy up to 1,000 "on-demand" nodes, with options for paid plans offering expanded node limits, uptime guarantees, and availability.

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