Digitra, a Brazilian-based Bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading platform announced an agreement with Nasdaq to use their cloud-based matching engine, Marketplace Services Platform. According to the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Digitra, Rodgrigo Batista believes that there is room for innovation within digital markets as they “lack strong governance and compliance structures as well as reliable systems, and those are critical to attracting institutional participation.”

Batista adds that Digitra will also be attractive to many retail participants since the company will not only set all trading fees to zero, so users will not have to pay fees or a spread while using the platform, but will also pay every client to trade on Digitra using their token. The token is meant to incentivize clients to bring liquidity onto the exchange. 

Digitra is also appealing to businesses that are innovating to promote financial inclusion using Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies as they can create services by taking advantage of Digitra's low-fee infrastructure, says Batista. “In the medium and long term, we want to build a global infrastructure for the crypto space.”

“Nasdaq’s Marketplace Services Platform will allow Digitra.com to grow and scale, which is crucial as our exchange continues to expand and offer new asset types. Digitra.com will be able to introduce new products quickly – from cryptocurrencies and stablecoins to security, energy, and carbon credit tokens – as those opportunities arise. This market is at the very beginning. By using Nasdaq technology, we’ll be able to respond to the demands of the market and offer new types of services and products that don’t even exist today,” says Batista

Digitra will be compliant with all regulations of the countries that it operates in as Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies become more common among institutional investors. 

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