August 8th, 2020, Dublin - Independent media firm the BTC Times today announced the launch of its comprehensive news platform, a brand-new destination for quality reporting on the news and developments surrounding Bitcoin.

Readers will be able to explore daily news, interviews, analyses, and opinion pieces by subject matter experts covering various technological, political, economic, and societal facets of Bitcoin. 

The outlet is headed by its editorial board which comprises Casa co-founder and CTO Jameson Lopp, Bloomberg columnist Elaine Ou, former BTSE marketing director Lina Seiche, Bitcoin Magazine’s technical editor Aaron van Wirdum, and Bitcoin educator Giacomo Zucco.

As public interest in Bitcoin has picked up massively in recent months, access to reliable coverage plays a deciding role in the advancement of widespread awareness of and education about Bitcoin.

“Unfortunately, poorly researched stories and opinions disguised as news that intentionally mislead the reader still manage to make the top of the list on major search engines and news aggregators,” said board member Giacomo Zucco.

“While such noise rarely causes more than short-term damage to Bitcoin’s reputation and adoption, it presents a systematic danger to those looking for reliable sources of information. What is needed now is a responsible and honest attempt to counter news that prioritize clicks over accuracy, with top-notch content based on well-researched facts.”

The BTC Times is backed by several reputable investors such as Litecoin creator Charlie Lee, Alistair Milne, Blockstream CSO Samson Mow, and former Monero lead maintainer Riccardo Spagni.

“As the ecosystem surrounding Bitcoin matures, we need the media reporting on Bitcoin to level up,” said Samson Mow. “Quality journalism will play a crucial role in facilitating the growth of the Bitcoin space in the foreseeable future.”

The launch of the BTC Times is set on August 8th, 2020, the third anniversary of the day Segregated Witness reached lock-in threshold on the Bitcoin network.

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