According to Bloomberg, Chinese Bitcoin miners are setting up operations in Ethiopia, attracted by the low electricity costs and a government open to Bitcoin mining, following their displacement due to regulatory changes in China. 

Bitcoin educator Kal Kassa reported that the Ethiopian Government has officially announced a partnership with Data Center Service PLC, a subsidiary of West Data Group, to mine Bitcoin. This collaboration is part of a $250 million mining project in Ethiopia.

These operations are centered around the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, Africa's largest, which provides some of the cheapest power globally. 

Despite Ethiopia's prohibition of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading, the country has become a hub for Bitcoin mining, driven by its partnership with China and the need for foreign exchange earnings.

The country has become a significant importer of mining equipment and has entered into power supply agreements with numerous mining companies, mainly Chinese. This development is part of a broader trend of Chinese investment in Ethiopia, which is seen as a strategic partner.

The Bloomberg article comments that the expansion of Bitcoin mining in Ethiopia is not without challenges, including the potential for energy shortages and political backlash, as seen in other countries that initially embraced but later turned against the sector. 

Ethiopia's foray into Bitcoin mining highlights the economic opportunities and international relations, particularly with China, as the country navigates the potential benefits of the industry.

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