CleanSpark, Inc., a sustainable Bitcoin mining and energy technology company, has released its monthly Bitcoin mining update for July. Released on August 3rd, 2022, the unaudited Bitcoin mining and operations update also contains the company’s performance for the period between January 1st, 2022, and July 31st, 2022. 

Bitcoin Mining and Operations Update

In the update, CleanSpark announced that it mined a total of 384 Bitcoin in July. This output represents an increase in monthly production of more than 13% and an all-time high of 13.25 BTC mined per day.

CleanSpark achieved this with a fleet of approximately 30,450 latest-generation Bitcoin miners with a total hash rate of 2.9 EH/s. In August 2021’s update, the mining company announced that it expected to reach a total hash rate of 3.2 EH/s by the end of September 2022. This latest update shows that it is well on track to achieve this goal.

In the July update, CleanSpark also announced that it was able to fully fund growth and operations for the month of July through the sale of 426 Bitcoins for approximately $20,768 per BTC. These sales equated to proceeds of about $8.8 million. 

The update also contains CleanSpark’s calendar year-to-date Bitcoin mined and Bitcoin holdings as of July 31st, 2022,  which stood at 2,247 BTC and 519 BTC respectively.

Good News For the Company

The growth in monthly production and Bitcoin mined per day is good news for the sustainable energy-focused CleanSpark. The company aims to achieve 100% carbon-free Bitcoin mining by harnessing nuclear, wind, solar, and hydro energy.

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