Coinbase's CEO, Brian Armstrong, who leads one of the largest global cryptocurrency exchanges, revealed Coinbase's plans to provide its users with access to the Bitcoin Lightning Network. 

This layer-two scaling solution increases the speed of Bitcoin transactions and deferred settlements. The responsibility for this integration has been entrusted to engineer Viktor Bunin.

Armstrong posted, "Bitcoin is the most important asset in crypto, and we're excited to do our part to enable faster [and] cheaper Bitcoin transactions."

Coinbase's decision to adopt the Lightning Network mirrors its promise to increase Bitcoin's utility for its customers. Aiming to decrease transaction costs and expedite confirmation times, Coinbase seeks to improve the Bitcoin user experience for its vast user base.

Generally, users on X were pleased with the announcement and sharing their support for Coinbase’s recent decision.

Michael Saylor, Founder and Chairman of MicroStrategy, expressed that the adoption of the Lightning Network seems inevitable for every firm in the industry

However, Armstrong added that the full integration would take time. Notably, leading U.S. exchanges like Kraken have already adopted Lightning, allowing users to avoid high fees during peak network traffic.

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