According to a UK court, Craig Wright cannot assert any copyright claims regarding Bitcoin’s code. 

Wright was unable to provide evidence of what is known as “fixation,” in order to support his claim that the formatting of Bitcoin blocks is his intellectual property. Fixation describes the capacity to present a work’s original recording.

This is the most recent in a string of judicial decisions that have ruled against Wright.

The Norwegian courts dismissed his action against Hodlonaut, while the British courts dismissed his case against Peter McCormack

The attacks by Craig Wright have caused hesitation within the Bitcoin community and open-source code developers. Due to the lengthy and expensive litigation that results from these actions, developers experience significant difficulties in their daily life. 

The recent ruling supports the notion that Bitcoin’s code cannot be copyrighted or be limited to a select group. This also bodes well for future cases that seek to go after individuals who strengthen Bitcoin’s infrastructure.

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