Deloitte, a Big Four global professional services firm, and NYDIG, an institutional Bitcoin services provider, have announced that they will partner together to integrate Bitcoin into various sized companies.

This partnership will bring a blend of Deloitte’s multidisciplinary business consultation services together with the Bitcoin infrastructure that NYDIG offers. The main goal of this partnership is to improve the reliability and accessibility of Bitcoin products and services for their employees and clients. This includes products like employee benefits and rewards programs. 

President of NYDIG Yan Zhao is very optimistic about this alliance:

We envision a world where traditional financial infrastructure works alongside digital asset infrastructure to deliver clients a best-in-class experience with the highest standards of regulatory compliance.

Zhao added that Deloitte is a perfect match to help NYDIG meet customer demands for Bitcoin infrastructure and services. The same enthusiasm was shared by Richard Rosenthal, Deloitte's digital assets banking regulatory practice lead and principal.

Rosenthal stated that the partnership with NYDIG will help drive business growth and that Deloitte is trying to do as much as it can for enabling Bitcoin and cryptocurrency innovation. As far as the future of the finance sector, he added:

The future of financial services will center around the use of digital assets and we are focused on advising our clients on ways to engage in a regulated and compliant way.

Deloitte works with various clients and companies like Dell, Yamaha, Adobe, and other Fortune 500 companies. NYDIG recently partnered with payment processor Jack Henry in May and have many more partnerships planned for 2022.

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