Observers on Twitter have pointed out that the @Bitcoin handle may have changed hands — and not everybody's happy with that.

Twitter is one of the main assembly points for bitcoiners online, and the Bitcoin account has had its fair share of attention over time. While the account owner is not known, the handle had allegedly been used by Roger Ver for several years to promote Bitcoin fork coin BCH. Ver never confirmed the assumptions nor denied them, leaving many believing he or a team connected to him were behind the BCH-related posts. Consequently, Ver drew heavy criticism from the Bitcoin space for his alleged attempts to generate confusion between BTC and BCH, a pattern also visible in the BCH-branded site that has bitcoiners worried newcomers may mistakenly buy BCH thinking they are buying BTC.

In 2019, some Twitter users pointed out that past BCH-related content had been removed from the Bitcoin account; shortly after, it drastically changed its tune, making clear to its followers that it was no longer being operated by a BCH advocate.

While theories kept circulating, it is not known to this date who took over the handle; some believed Ver had only rented it from the original owner who had eventually taken back control over the account. Since the change in content, the handle has grown from about a million to over three million followers at the time of writing.

On Thursday however, new rumors began to spread as the Bitcoin account posted an image showing two gold coins, one branded with the Bitcoin logo and one with the Binance logo.

The post caused confusion among the account's followers, with some concluding that the account must have changed hands yet again. The reactions were mixed, with some users voicing concerns that the handle may be used to promote digital currencies other than Bitcoin too.

Twitter user Dennis Parker commented, "Twitter account @bitcoin has been bought by shitcoin casino @binance. Act accordingly."

It is not clear however who controls the account, and at press time, no other posts hint at any involvement from Binance's side.

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