Citizens School, an educational institution in the UAE, will accept Bitcoin and Ethereum as a form of payment for tuition starting in September 2022. The school decided to adopt Bitcoin and Ethereum payment rails to aid parents by providing flexible payment options. The payment processor the school will use automatically converts digital assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum into their local currency, Dirhams (AED).

The CEO of Citizens School added that introducing the option to pay tuition fees through Bitcoin and Ethereum, goes beyond the surface level appearance of just providing another payment option. He says that it’s also a means to drive further interest in the applications of blockchain, "…a technology that Citizens School intends to apply across several aspects of its academic and administrative operations.”

UAE’s Digital Asset Adoption

Citizens School strives to help solidify the UAE as a leader within the global digital economy. Dr. Adil Alzarooni commented, “We’re optimistically embracing the role of young generations in UAE’s digital economy. As the era of digitalization is embraced, today’s children will be the entrepreneurs and investors of tomorrow.”

The UAE has become a proponent of digital assets and now has favorable regulatory conditions. For example, both Binance and FTX have recently received their operational licenses in Dubai. 

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