The “CUBO+” six-month educational program has just been announced by El Salvador’s Bitcoin Office. The program aims to produce Bitcoin and Lightning developers through the Salvadoran university system.

According to the Office, a small group (around 25) students chosen from El Salvador’s top university will participate in the program beginning in May. The first group will include students from Don Bosco University. 

These selected students will have the chance to compete for the inaugural Plan B Fellowship, financed by Tether and Fulgur Ventures. This program is made possible because of the recently made public agreement between El Salvador and Lugano, Switzerland, to establish the first Bitcoin Embassy.

Some of the top talent in Bitcoin will oversee and lead the curriculum. Specific names will be announced on a later date. The subjects covered in classes will vary from advanced technical development specifically for Bitcoin, to distributed technologies like Holepunch, Nostr, and Web5. 

The program is privately funded and all students who qualify for the Plan B Fellowship will receive a stipend to assist with course fees.

The first few months of the curriculum will be completed online, followed by a two-week bootcamp in San Salvador that includes full-day classes. Close online mentoring sessions will then take place for the remainder of the program.

After completing the course, students will be given a variety of options for continuing their Bitcoin journey, including the choice to work full-time at a Bitcoin business.

The Cubo+ name originates from a project that President Nayib Bukele began while serving as the mayor of San Salvador. The initiative involved constructing buildings in underdeveloped neighborhoods like libraries and community centers for advancing education.

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