El Salvador unveiled a website to monitor its national Bitcoin treasury holdings, enhancing its dedication to Bitcoin transparency through a partnership with the Mempool Open Source Project.

The platform, hosted at bitcoin.gob.sv, provides real-time updates on El Salvador's Bitcoin reserves.

It uses public data from President Bukele's tweets and blockchain records to show that El Salvador has acquired over 5,748 Bitcoin, valued at approximately $360 million.

Since 2021, the country has been acquiring this amount through daily purchases of 1 Bitcoin, larger one-time purchases, and Bitcoin mining using geothermal energy.

Previously, Bukele had shared a Bitcoin address for tracking the nation's holdings. The new website now confirms this data, offering a public verification of the reserves.

The launch of this platform marks a significant move toward financial transparency in governmental activities. By utilizing Bitcoin's inherent auditability, El Salvador remains at the forefront of this initiative.

Despite short-term market fluctuations, El Salvador's Bitcoin holdings have an unrealized profit of $57 million through dollar cost averaging.

The country's Bitcoin treasury tracking website fosters transparency and boosts confidence in its innovative Bitcoin strategy.

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