This last week, El Salvador has hosted a handful of well-known, influential Bitcoiners. Their presence was made publicly known through a series of tweets including pictures and videos regarding El Salvador's bonds, volcano Bitcoin mining site, and more.

CZ from Binance even met with President Bukele over the week. Some speculated they were discussing volcano bonds, however the exact reasons on why they met and what was discussed is not yet known. 

Other notable names including Samson Mow, Max Keiser, Stacy Herbert, and Ricardo Salinas Pliego all flew down to El Salvador to meet with Bukele to discuss Bitcoin. Pliego mentioned how his meeting with the President reaffirmed his belief that Bitcoin is “the currency of freedom”.

The group also had the opportunity to view El Salvador from the skies as they took a helicopter flight to visit to the Volcano Bitcoin mining plant. 

Pliego, one of Mexico's richest men and Bitcoin enthusiast, spoke about LaGeo volcano-powered Bitcoin mining sight from a perspective of “many opportunities to take advantage of and meany lessons to learn.” Samson Mow, one of the masterminds behind the volcano bonds joined him on the trip to the volcano.

Max Keiser posted about how Samson Mow's work on the Volcano Bonds was fitting as he arrived to LaGeo with the group. He also talked about the bonds being incredibly valuable and sought after as he believes “the USD has lost its status as world reserve currency…”

Samson also had the opportunity to speak with Natalie Brunell, a Bitcoin journalist, educator and podcaster over Bitcoin adopting nation states, Volcano Bonds, and apolitical money.

All the focus was on El Salvador this week as excitement over the country's Bitcoin developments continue to ramp up. 

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