The Mining Development Kit is a new project that provides developers access to Bitcoin mining projects targeted at integrating Bitcoin mining into various novel use cases, according to a new blog post from Jack Dorsey’s Block.

The blog explains how the company has begun creating its own application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs), which are the primary method for mining Bitcoin and will form the basis for a whole line of Bitcoin mining devices aimed at increasing the rate of innovation in the industry.

The post continues by stating that Block is considering building the MDK and is still looking for community feedback. 

According to Block, the MDK would consist of four components that include:

  1. An industrial-grade, powerful, and dependable Bitcoin mining hashboard.
  2. A command board made specifically to operate with the hashboard.
  3. Open-source firmware, a software API, and a front end that would let developers change the hashboard’s primary performance parameters.
  4. In-depth reference materials and support documentation would also be available to make hashboard customization easier.

According to the blog, the MDK is intended to provide developers a set of tools to unleash creativity and innovation for Bitcoin mining hardware.

With the MDK, we see a significant opportunity to increase the accessibility and openness of Bitcoin mining hardware, in order to accelerate innovation in the field.

The post concludes with a promise of more updates in the future and a request for feedback at

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