BTC Prague, the largest Bitcoin-only conference in Europe, has concluded. The event gathered influential Bitcoiners, developers, entrepreneurs, and companies under a massive roof in Prague, creating an unforgettable event destined for the 'Bitcoin conference scrapbook.' Thanks to Martin and Matyáš Kuchař, the organizers of BTC Prague, the Czech Republic's capital became the Bitcoin hub for at least a week.

A key takeaway from the conference was the size, depth, and strength of the Bitcoin community. Despite being in a bear market—a typically less exciting period in Bitcoin's cycle—thousands attended to educate themselves and others, learn about Bitcoin's potential, and advance its adoption.

The majority of booths showcased Bitcoin-only businesses, a significant achievement by the Kuchař brothers.

The icing on the cake was the numerous side events, including a dev hack day, Nostr meetup, Pleb party, and many others. These events allowed attendees to engage in informal discussions while enjoying world-renowned Czech beer and cuisine in the historic city centre.

Several companies and organizations utilized this event to share news and announcements with the attendees. Three announcements that stood out came from the Vexl FoundationAmityAge, and Aleks Svetski.

The Vexl Foundation, established and supported by Satoshi Labs, introduced Vexl, a mobile P2P Bitcoin marketplace that is non-KYC and private. They also launched the Financial Tyranny Index, which tracks various factors across different countries, including cash limits, CBDC status, and personal income tax.

Dusan Matuska from AmityAge unveiled the Bitcoin Educators Academy in Roatan, Honduras. During a ten day intensive Bitcoin education camp, Bitcoin enthusiasts worldwide will have the opportunity to learn from top Bitcoin educators, potentially becoming experts themselves.

Lastly, Aleks Svetski announced the creation of the first Bitcoin-centric language model, called Spirit of Satoshi. This open and crowd-sourced repository encompasses everything Bitcoin. More news about this intriguing fusion of Bitcoin and AI is expected to be released soon.

The whole conference, with all of its speakers, main events, side events, and announcements, was one unforgettable ride. The organizers did a splendid job ensuring that the event was innovative, informational, and exciting. They also announced that next year's conference will take place between the 13th and 15th of June 2024 in Prague.

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