Investview is a financial technology company with diversified investments in education tools, content, research, and management of digital asset technologies. This includes a primary focus on Bitcoin mining.

Investview will expand its mining operation through its SAFETek subsidiary where it “has entered a transaction to expand its Bitcoin mining farm operation through the purchase and planned deployment by the end of its third quarter of 1,705 new Whatsminer M30s ASIC mining servers.”

The aim of this deployment is to have the majority of their miners be fueled by low-carbon and renewable energy sources. Once all infrastructure is set up, the company will have 99.50% of its mining operation using the latest generation miners. 

The 100 petahash increase in load will bring the company’s total mining capacity to an estimated 400+ petahash per second. The European company is proud to be powering almost 100% of its mining capacity via geothermal and hydro electricity. 

Rob Walther, SAFETek's Executive VP was quoted saying, “SAFETek has significantly reduced its energy and direct operational costs since relocating a majority of its miners to Europe, aided by the level of excess renewable energy sources and favorable climate conditions.”

The CEO of the company is aware of the opportunities that are available due to the price drop and the ability to build infrastructure for a lower CAPEX. Victor Oviedo expressed his optimism for the industry by adding that the company was excited by the opportunity provided by the current market. Stating that he was mindful of the price being at $22,000 and recognizing that this lower price was great for building new infrastructure as they had just bought new miners. The lower acquisition costs of mining machines due to Bitcoin’s price drop was a major reason for the move.

  • Investview increases its mining capacity by 50% while still powering its latest generation of miners via renewable resources (hydro and geothermal).
  • By the end of the third quarter, 1,705 new Whatsminer M30s ASIC mining machines will be installed.

Bear Markets Are for Building

As expressed by the CEO of Investview, the company understands that the rewards earned from building during bear markets will be reaped by those who take the time to take advantage of lower prices during uncertainty.

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