Brink, a nonprofit focused on Bitcoin development, has received funding through a generous commitment of $5 million from Jack Dorsey's #startsmall initiative. 

This pledge, totaling $1 million annually for the next five years, aims to bolster Brink's initiatives in funding Bitcoin developers and ensuring the enduring viability of Bitcoin's fundamental codebase.

Brink's primary objective is to foster a supportive community for Bitcoin and Bitcoin-related developers. 

Through a range of initiatives such as developer grants, mentorship programs, and funding opportunities, the organization strives to encourage open-source development for Bitcoin and its associated technologies. 

By nurturing emerging contributors and decentralizing the protocol development of Bitcoin, Brink aspires to enhance the resilience of the Bitcoin network and cultivate a thriving developer ecosystem.

Co-founder Mike Schmidt stated that "Brink is very grateful for this extended pledge to support our Bitcoin developer funding efforts. $1,000,000 a year for each of the next 5 years means that we can help make Bitcoin development a sustainable career for the talented developers that are building, securing, testing, and reviewing the Bitcoin Core codebase."

The substantial support from #startsmall will greatly contribute to Brink's mission of nurturing Bitcoin development and fostering decentralized open-source systems. 

Funding will enable Brink to attract a wider pool of talent, enhance developer education, and expand their fellowship and grant programs.

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