Block, a global technology company specializing in financial services, announced the completion of its three-nanometer Bitcoin mining chip. 

The company is in the final stages of production with a major global semiconductor foundry as part of its initiative to decentralize Bitcoin mining hardware and distribute hashrate more effectively.

Additionally, Block is developing a comprehensive "Bitcoin mining system" to address challenges faced by operators and further support decentralization efforts. 

The company is actively seeking feedback from the Bitcoin mining community to refine the system's design and functionality.

Previously, Block developed a five-nanometer mining chip prototype and, after receiving positive feedback from its foundry partner, shifted focus to the smaller, more efficient three-nanometer design. 

This new chip is designed to deliver competitive performance, particularly as Bitcoin enters its fifth mining epoch following the fourth halving of the block subsidy.

To bolster its commitment to mining decentralization, Block plans to offer both a standalone mining chip and a full mining system. This approach positions Block as a unique vendor in the industry, promoting innovation and new applications within the mining sector.

Block is also seeking feedback on pre-sales discovery, purchasing processes, reliability, maintenance, software features, transparency, and post-sale support to further enhance their offerings.

Mining operators and anyone interested are encouraged to provide their thoughts and feedback to Block by emailing them at

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