BTG Pactual, the largest investment bank in Latin America, just launched a Bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange in Brazil called Mynt. 

Mynt will provide direct access to Bitcoin which will place it as one of the first of the largest institutions in Brazil to do so. BTG Pactual reportedly has over $200 billion in assets under custody and will begin to provide educational content for all its users about Bitcoin once they have created an account on their platform. 

According to Pedro Frazao, the product manager at Mynt, all products launched will include video content that will help educate the customer about what they are investing in and if there are any questions, the app will have a 24/7 chat.

At Mynt’s launch, customers will not be able to withdraw their Bitcoin from the platform for self-custody but the platform plans to enable this function in the near future. 

Andre Portilho, partner and head of digital assets at BTG concluded in an interview with Bitcoin Magazine that he believes that Bitcoin and crypto technology will dematerialize the finance industry the same way the internet did to the information and media industry.

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