Soneva, a privately held company that helps travelers navigate paperwork for booking in foregin countries, has introduced Bitcoin as a payment option for customers.

Bitcoin payments are acceptable for the following locations: Soneva Fushi, Soneva Jani, Soneva in Aqua in the Maldives, and Soneva Kiri in Thailand.

Soneva also offers help with villa ownership in the Maldives, the only company to provide foregin ownership in the Maldives.

How does this work? How would you navigate the exchange rate? 

The company handles payments through two main payment companies: TripleA and Pomelo Pay. These two payment processors were added as a way to provide an avenue for foreign buyers to use a currency that was comfortable and acceptable for foreigners. 

TripleA, a licensed Bitcoin and cryptocurrency payments solutions provider, allows Soneva to provide guests the ability to make Bitcoin and other crypto payments without the risk of price volatility, offering instant confirmation, locked-in exchange rates, real-time conversions, and no chargebacks. Soneva also uses Pomelo Pay for secure QR codes and payment links to facilitate this process. 

It should be noted that payments made in Bitcoin are non-refundable, however receiving an equivalent amount in credit may be negotiated with the company. 

Part of Soneva’s adoption for accepting Bitcoin as payment is its Total Impact Assessment implemented in 2016 to gauge the impact it was having on the environment. With Bitcoin helping create a carbon neutral grid, it aligned with its business values. 

  • Soneva accepts Bitcoin payments for vacations in Thailand and the Maldives.
  • The first and only platform that allows one to own a Villa in the Maldives while also accepting BTC.
  • Soneva’s service ensures locked-in rates and is as easy as any other Bitcoin payment via a QR code.

No Need for Converting Currency When Vacationing in the Maldives or Thailand

Slowly but surely more and more businesses across the globe have started to accept Bitcoin. The network continues to provide solutions for communities everywhere. Bitcoin adoption during this bear market is also being overlooked by many outside the industry.

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