One of the world’s oldest luxury watch brands has decided to join the bandwagon of recent luxury watchmakers to accept Bitcoin. 

Breitling has partnered with BitPay as their Bitcoin and cryptocurrency payment service provider. This allows customers the option to pay with Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies at checkout. 

The Swiss watchmaker was established in 1884, and has become one of the most popular luxury watch brands. Breitling adding Bitcoin as an accepted currency comes weeks after TAG Heuer and Hublot did the same.

Customers will be able to make payments through BitPay’s module on Breitling’s site, using either the Lightning Network or transacting on-chain.

Prices of watches range from $3,000 to $53,600 or up to 2.5 Bitcoin as of today’s prices. 

Luxury brands seem to be leading the way for retailers to accept Bitcoin. Gucci, TAG Heuer, Hublot and now Breitling are now all accepting Bitcoin. 

  • Bitcoin continues to grow and bootstrap itself into the mainstream economy.
  • With enough businesses willing to transact in Bitcoin, this creates a circular economy that potentially increases the speed of adoption. 
  • Despite its volatility, retail stores continue to adopt and accept Bitcoin. 

With another luxury brand like Breitling adopting the currency, the trend of outliers being the first to adopt Bitcoin continues. 

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