While Ricardo Salinas Pliego is well-known in his native Mexico for his ownership of several large conglomerates, this year has seen him gain notoriety amongst bitcoiners worldwide for his vocal support of bitcoin. 

In a message posted to his Twitter account on Christmas eve, the billionaire gave his followers three “presents” in the form of three pieces of advice. Speaking in Spanish, his second piece of advice to his followers was to “stay away from fiat. The dollar, euro, yen, and the peso are all the same story. It’s fake money made of paper and lies.” He added that “central banks are printing more money than ever,” and finished by saying “invest in bitcoin.” 

His other two pieces of advice encouraged his followers to “avoid jealousy and stay away from jealous people,” and to “believe in yourself.”

Salinas Pliego is worth an estimated $12.9 billion according to Forbes. He has made most of his fortune via his stake in Grupo Elektra, a publicly-traded home appliance retailer and financial services company. The company made headlines earlier this month when they announced that they would be accepting bitcoin as payment for purchases via their retail stores.

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