At first glance, it may appear that Mexican Senator, Indira Kempis, used her Bitcoiner clout to trojan horse the proposal of a CBDC. But looks can be deceiving. 

Proposing Bitcoin adoption in Mexico is not quite as straightforward as writing a bill and calling it a day. Instead, it appears to require some clever legislative strategy. According to senator Kempis, Mexico’s Central Bank is presently the only institution that can recognize a currency as legal tender. Thus, her initial strategy is to stir up discussion in congress around digital currencies and continue the orange pill roll-out from there. 

Introducing CBDCs is Indira’s way of enticing a discussion in congress around dystopian technologies (a-la CBDCs) and the dark futures the could bear.  As per a perceptive twitter user (and confirmed by the senator's BTC partner, Samson Mow), the CBDC move opens the door for financial inclusion and a legal tender discussion with the only relevant financial authorities in the country, the Mexico Central Bank.

Bills proposed by senators in Mexico typically get read in the Senate, where members of congress speak on the pros and cons. Then the senate votes on whether they would like to keep the bill or not. 

Currently, CBDCs and Bitcoin are not a conversation being held in congress. Even though it may seem dramatic, Indira's strategy to introduce digital assets is still on track to deliver an orange pill for Mexico. 

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