MicroStrategy has recently increased its Bitcoin holdings, revealing the acquisition of approximately 9,245 Bitcoin, purchased for about $623 million. 

The Bitcoin was funded by the proceeds from a convertible senior notes offering and surplus cash from the company, with an average purchase price of around $67,382 per Bitcoin.

This acquisition comes after the company successfully generated $603.75 million by issuing 0.875% convertible senior notes due in 2031, an amount that was increased from an initial $500 million due to strong investor interest.

MicroStrategy's total Bitcoin holdings now amount to approximately 214,246 Bitcoin, bought at an average price of $35,160 per Bitcoin, totaling an investment of $7.53 billion.

MicroStrategy continues to pursue its strategy of integrating Bitcoin into its corporate treasury, despite the volatile nature of the Bitcoin market. 

The company's strategy includes leveraging debt and equity offerings to finance additional Bitcoin purchases, with its holdings now exceeding 1% of the total Bitcoin supply.

Despite criticisms regarding the potential risks of leveraging Bitcoin on the balance sheet, Founder and Chairman Michael Saylor is openly optimistic about Bitcoin's future value. 

The recent acquisition, facilitated by the expanded note offering, reflects MicroStrategy's continued commitment to its Bitcoin-focused financial strategy.

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