On the first day of the Bitcoin Conference 2022, MicroBT, the company behind the popular Whatsminer series of Bitcoin mining rigs, unveiled its new line: the M50s, the M50, and the M53.

The new rigs were announced on the mining stage at Bitcoin 2022 by MicroBT’s COO Jordan Chen.

Compared to the previous series of Whatsminer rigs, the M30s and the M20s, the new line will feature more advanced cooling technology and longer runtimes. The M50s for example is air-cooled and powered by a 5 nm Samsung processor, ultimately increasing the rig’s efficiency by 15% over its predecessor. The unit is capable of delivering 126 terahashes per second of mining power, at an efficiency of 26 joules per terahash.

The air-cooled M50 is expected to deliver 114 terahash per second at an efficiency of 26 joules per terahash, while the hydro-cooled M53 delivers 240 terahash per second of computing power at 29 joules per terahash.

“To support more customers from North America and newly-emerging areas, MicroBT is capable of producing and shipping over 30,000 pieces per month from its production site located in Southeast Asia this year,” said the official release.

With the M50 series, MicroBT seems to be making a strong play for emerging mining hubs like North America, which has nabbed a large percentage of mining activity after China’s mining industry was targeted by regulators.

Each of the new models will be available for shipping in the third quarter of this year.

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