Digital asset mining and staking firm Foundry has launched an initiative to train Bitcoin mining technicians. The program, known as Foundry Academy, completed its first training session back in May. The next session, set to begin on September 12, 2022, is already open for registration.  

Executive Director Craig Ross states:

Foundry Academy provides a comprehensive curriculum to prepare those who are seeking a career in Bitcoin mining. Our program covers the fundamentals of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, technical skills required for mining, along with other skills that are needed to land jobs and thrive in their career.

Providing Top Talent for a Fast-Growing Industry

Bitcoin mining is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. Foundry estimates that over the next year, more facilities with a total power of 2-3 gigawatts will be built. This will create thousands of job openings that need professionals with technical skills and expertise.

Foundry Academy was established to produce the talent needed to fill these roles. It joins several other programs and training courses focusing on Bitcoin mining education. The most notable are official training courses from MicroBT and Bitmain, two of the largest manufacturers of Bitcoin mining rigs. 

While MicroBT offers free training and posts the training material on Youtube, Bitmain’s secretive program requires all trainees to sign an NDA, keeping the training information confidential. On the other hand, Foundry Academy combines workforce development and hands-on training to give aspiring mining engineers a viable alternative to these and other courses. 

The courses are conducted by experienced technicians and experts from mining companies and academia. They cover everything from the fundamentals of Bitcoin and blockchain technology to technical skills in diagnostics and maintenance. 

Over the week-long program, participants will be put through workshops, instructions, and mock interviews to equip them with the skills required for efficient Bitcoin mining. Foundry will also leverage its connections in the mining industry to assist in job placement after graduation. All graduates from May’s session are now employed at various mining firms.

Quinn Carr, a recent graduate of the program provided a quick glimpse into what the academy provides.

I wanted a good certification, and I wanted to leave a program able to show an employer exactly what I know and what I can do. After completing the Academy, I feel that I received industry training that only Foundry could provide at this level.

Carr is now employed by a publicly traded Bitcoin mining company.

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