bill that prohibits the use of Bitcoin as a means of payment to the state or any state agencies has been introduced by the North Carolina General Assembly.

An individual familiar with the situation revealed that the bill's original purpose was to restrict the use of CBDCs in the state. However, the current wording of the bill goes beyond CBDCs and includes Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, making it seem like a straightforward prohibition against using digital currencies.

Sponsored by House Representatives Warren and Brody, the bill titled "No Cryptocurrency Payments to State" offers two definitions.

The bill provides definitions for Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, which it describes as digital or virtual currencies that use cryptography for transactions and operate on a decentralized network for transaction recording. Additionally, the bill defines a state agency as any political subdivision, bureau, board, commission, officer, or institution within the State.

Upon becoming law, the bill specifies that no state agency may accept payments made using Bitcoin or cryptocurrencies.

The individual with knowledge of the situation noted that there may be opposition to the bill, and efforts to inform and educate lawmakers on the matter are anticipated.

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