The long-awaited Keet Mobile Alpha is finally here.

Keet, the peer-to-peer (P2P) communications app, was released today for iOS and Android devices, offering users a secure and private alternative to centralized offerings from Big Tech companies.

You don't need to provide a phone number, email address, or any personal information to use Keet; you just need to download the app.

The rise of Zoom and other similar apps, combined with the ever-encroaching eye of the security state, has brought privacy concerns to the forefront of our collective consciousness. These centralized applications collect vast amounts of user data, leaving individuals vulnerable to data breaches and privacy violations. Keet, on the other hand, operates on a P2P network, eliminating the need for servers and ensuring that all data shared between users is kept private and secure.

Keet Mobile Alpha provides users with high-quality video calls, instant file sharing, and end-to-end encrypted messaging. The app operates over direct connections between users, ensuring that there are no performance issues or lag times during calls. As if that wasn’t enough, Keet has built-in support for Bitcoin Lightning and USDT micropayments.

The Keet Mobile Alpha release marks a significant step in the journey towards a more decentralized and secure future for communication; a peer-to-peer future. With Keet, users can reclaim control over their data and enjoy a seamless and private communication experience, free from the wandering and exploitative eye of Big Tech. 

2023 is shaping up to be a banner year for freedom technology. From decentralized social media protocol Nostr development and adoption advancing at a breakneck pace, to the Keet Mobile release enabling a truly peer-to-peer mobile communication experience, there’s a lot to be excited about.

Keet was created as a collaboration between Bitfinex and the Hypercore open-source protocol team. But if the app is free, and they’re not harvesting and selling your data to the highest bidder, what’s in it for them?

In the words of Paolo Ardoino (CTO of Bitfinex and Tether, CSO/co-founder Holepunch): 
“The purpose of Holepunch and Keet is relinquishing control... For us this is not about money, it's about sending a message.”

Keet is a game-changer. It offers a secure, private, and reliable alternative to centralized offerings, and is a must-try for anyone looking to take control of their data and enjoy the benefits of P2P technology. 

Here is how you get the most out of Keet Mobile and stay truly P2P:

Download Keet Mobile Alpha today and join the movement towards a more secure and decentralized future.

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