Americans will soon be able to pay daily bills with Bitrefill’s new Bill Pay service using Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. Customers may pay up to 20,000 different types of bills that include: credit card bills, utilities, mortgages, healthcare, and even taxes. 

Bitrefill is the world’s largest and most popular Bitcoin and cryptocurrency store. The company provides a catalog of gift cards, bill payment, prepaid mobile refills, and Lightning Network services.

All U.S. users may now sign up for the waitlist today and expect access to the new service very soon. Accounts will be enabled on a first come, first serve basis. Bitrefill makes the process to get started as easy as possible with a few clicks on their platform. Their press release states that “Bitrefill Bill Payments is a massive step towards the bankless world of the future.”

The company’s goal is to further empower users with the circular economy that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies provide. Bitrefill views Bitcoin as real money where users are able to receive salaries, pay bills, lend funds, and exchange it for products and services.

By making it easier to live on Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, Bitrefill wants the onboarding experience for all global users to be as simple as cutting their cable service and choosing quicker and cheaper streaming services. This same process for cable can be applied to “cutting the cord” with a bank by opting into Bitrefill’s Bill Pay service.

“With Bitrefill’s Bill Pay, everyone in the US will soon have the same opportunity as in El Salvador to live on crypto and leave your bank,” says Bitrefill CEO Sergej Kotliar. The company’s Bill Payment offering saw a 100-200% increase per month since El Salvador made Bitcoin legal tender in September of 2021.

It has been confirmed that individuals who received an early invite will be able to use the service and pay their bills today in Bitcoin and Ethereum. The service will be available on their website, iOS, and Android devices.

Some of the most notable companies where you may pay your bills in Bitcoin with Bitrefill include: T-Mobile, American Express, State Farm, auto loans from Wells Fargo, Chase, Bank of America, American Express, Citi, and US Bank, United Healthcare, Anthem, USAA, Hartford, Progressive, Geico, Allstate, Liberty Mutual, and thousands of others.

“They say there are only two certain things in life - death and taxes. Now you can pay both your tax and funeral costs with crypto,” added Kotliar.

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