Day two of the 2022 Bitcoin conference saw many exciting announcements. This conference happens to be one of the largest cryptocurrency-focused events around the world, and will continue to run through Saturday in Miami, Florida.  

New Areas Worldwide Adopting Crypto 

Officials worldwide are announcing decisions to adopt Bitcoin as legal tender. This includes the jurisdiction of Prospera located in Honduras, and the island of Madeira in Portugal. Madeira went one step further to say the sale of Bitcoin will not be taxed, and it plans to lower corporate taxes to 5% as an effort to bring in new businesses.  

Further, a Mexican Senator has messaged her president to say, “We are looking forward to sitting down with you over a cup of coffee to talk about this plan; Bitcoin as legal tender in Mexico.” 

Key Speakers  

Many notable speeches have taken place thus far including ones from Peter Thiel, Alex Gladstein, and Ricardo Salinas Pliego.  

One notable quote from Peter Thiel’s speech mentioned that "Perhaps the real enemy is ESG. ESG is just a hate factory. When you think ESG, you should think CCP.” The venture capitalist was also quoted as saying Warren Buffet and JP Morgan CEO, Jamie Dimon, are on the “enemies list” of those trying to stop Bitcoin.  

On a more positive note, Alex Gladstein took to Twitter his anticipation for getting up on stage and his promise to ‘bring in fire’. He further mentioned his belief that Bitcoin will offer freedom for all.  

Mexican billionaire, Ricardo Salinas Pliego, offered his thoughts on digital assets saying Bitcoin is currently 60% of his liquid portfolio and that bonds are “a terrible investment.’” He has been noted to be the third richest person attending the conference.  

Developments for Robinhood Users and U.S. Citizens 

Bitcoin Magazine announced on Twitter that over 2 million Robinhood users will now be able to make Bitcoin-related transactions.  

Further, all U.S. citizens will have access to use Bitcoin and payment protocol the Lightning Network thanks to recent partnerships with Strike, Shopify, Blackhawk,  and NCR Corporation (one of the largest point of sale providers in the US). This comes on the tail of a strong push from U.S. Senator Cynthia Lummins’ latest legislative efforts.   

El Salvador President Drops Out 

Bitcoin 2022 recently posted President Bukele’s decision to drop out of the conference citing urgent needs within El Salvador that need his immediate attention.  

In his notice, President Bukele said, "I have just made the hard decision of canceling my participation in the conference due to unforeseen circumstances in my home country that require my full-time presence as President of a nation. –- I will have to be in another flank in the battle for freedom...Everything happens for a reason.” 

This decision comes in light of recent gang violence within the country. A March 27 report discussed El Salvador’s decision to undergo a state of emergency after gangs flooded its streets and killed several innocent civilians, including bus passengers and marketgoers. It was said to have been the “single bloodiest day in the country on record since the end of its civil war 30 years ago.” 

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