The Domos de San Pedro geothermal power plant is located in the central western region of Mexico. Owned by a private company, Grupo Drago, the power plant is the first to produce geothermal energy in Mexico. Grupo Drago was founded in 2010 and began funding the development of the Domos de San Pedro shortly after. The power plant was completed and began operating in 2016. 

Currently, nine wells have been drilled in the field and an installed capacity of 35.5 MW. Domos de San Pedro is composed of two backpressure units of 5 MW each and one condensing flash power plant of 25.5 MW. Recently, Mitsubishi Power began applying its TOMONI line to obtain geothermal energy. Historically, Mitsubishi Power used TOMONI in gas and steam turbine plants and this is the first geothermal application.

In Mexico, geothermal energy represents 1,84% of the electricity. The tweet sent out on February 14th by Ricardo Salinas Pliego that shows his interest in Bitcoin mining can be seen below.

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