Roger Ver was among the early cyberpunks and libertarians who gravitated to Twitter while trying to popularize crypto. Ver said in an interview that he’s optimistic Musk will end censorship on the social media platform. 

Although he is referred to as an evangelical figure, he hasn’t been a supporter of Bitcoin for a while because he says it deviated from its original purpose as an “alternative currency”. Ver appears to not be a fan of many of the largest proponents such as MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor. 

“He talks about how Bitcoin is encrypted packets -- it’s techno-bubble nonsense,” Ver said. He goes on to say that “Dogecoin is significantly better,” and “It’s cheaper and more reliable. If I had to pick three contenders for the world's dominant cryptocurrency, they would be Doge, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash.” Long term price performance for all mentioned cryptocurrencies have underperformed when compared to Bitcoin. In particular, Bitcoin Cash outperformed Bitcoin in 2017 and peaked right after the fork and never recovered.

Market sentiments are eons away from where Ver started. After discovering Bitcoin in 2011, back when it traded for less than one dollar, Ver would rave about the digital currency at meet-ups and backyard barbecues, before moving onto conference stages when Bitcoin became more mainstream. 

When the Bitcoin network had a software upgrade he opposed in 2017, Ver switched allegiance to the Bitcoin Cash fork and believes it supported the true vision of Bitcoin’s anonymous creator, Satoshi Nakamoto. Nowadays, Ver holds a slew of other coins including Ether, Monero, and XRP.

“I’ve always had a wide assorted basket in cryptocurrency. I was never a Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash maximalist," Ver explains.

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