Samson Mow has announced that he is leaving his post as Chief Strategy Officer at Bitcoin infrastructure company blockstream. 

Mow joined Blockstream in April 2017 shortly after it had appointed Dr. Adam Back as CEO and raised $55 million Series A funding. The block size debate was reaching its crescendo around this time and Samson and Blockstream played an important role in advocating to keep Bitcoin’s blocks small. Mow famously debated Roger Ver on this topic at Deconomy 2018 in Seoul, South Korea.

During his time at Blockstream, Mow oversaw the company’s growth as it established offices in China and Canada and raised hundreds of millions of dollars in funding, as well as development of its suite of products and services including the Blockstream Satellite, Mining Note, Jade, and the launch of the Liquid Network Bitcoin sidechain. Mow was influential in El Salvador’s decision to issue Bitcoin Bonds as tokenized securities on the Liquid Network.

What’s Next? 

Mow is a game industry veteran and will continue in his role as Chief Executive Officer of Pixelmatic, a game development studio which he co-founded in 2011. Its flagship game is Infinite Fleet, a sci-fi massively multiplayer online strategy game with a Bitcoin sidechain in-game currency. 

Mow also intends to focus on national-state Bitcoin adoption. His work on El Salvador’s Bitcoin Bond alongside President Nayib Bukele has attracted the attention of other influential personalities in the region. Mow recently had a Twitter exchange with Mexico’s third-richest man Ricardo Salinas Pliego about mining bitcoin in Mexico. He has also posted photos on Twitter where he appears with Mexican Senator Indira Kempis. Kempis is pushing to make bitcoin legal tender in the country.  

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