Sony Group is set to introduce a Bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange in Japan after acquiring Amber Japan, a local subsidiary of Amber Group. The revamped exchange will be named S.BLOX.

In 2023, Sony acquired Amber Japan through its subsidiary, Quetta Web. Previously, Amber Japan was known as DeCurret until it was acquired by Singapore-based Amber Group in 2022.

Sony has rebranded the exchange to S.BLOX and plans to make significant improvements to its user interface and mobile app. The launch date has not yet been disclosed.

This move demonstrates Sony's growing interest in the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency sector. By leveraging the established Amber Japan exchange, Sony aims to expand its services in this market.

Japan is considered a prominent Bitcoin market due to its proactive regulatory environment and high consumer awareness, making it a strategic location for Sony's new venture.

The participation of major corporations like Sony in the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency space suggests a broader acceptance of these technologies.

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