The Lightning payments application, Strike, has launched a feature allowing users to make everyday purchases using their Bitcoin. This development follows Strike's strategic partnership with Bitrefill, aimed at enhancing the practicality of its services.

This integration also allows users the ability to purchase gift cards with Bitcoin. As a result, Strike app users can shop at their preferred stores, subscribe to streaming services, and engage in various online transactions.

Another addition made possible by this partnership is the option to recharge mobile phones. Users can now use their Bitcoin to top up mobile credits, whether for their own use or to assist others. 

This feature covers payments for calls, text messages, and internet usage, as long as it is supported by the user's mobile service provider.

For users eager to explore this new feature, the process is straightforward. When using the Strike app, users can select the "Shop with Lightning" option. 

From there, they can either choose products or enter a phone number, depending on their needs. After entering the desired amount, payment can be made with either fiat currencies or Bitcoin.

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