Paramaribo, Suriname, November 28th, 2023 — Suriname’s ongoing plans to reshape its economic model have captured the attention of renowned Bitcoin firm JAN3 and its CEO, Samson Mow. JAN3 met with President Chan Santokhi and his administration, laying the foundation for a comprehensive Bitcoin Strategy in Suriname spanning across the entire economy, ranging from financial infrastructure, capital market development to sustainable energy projects.

JAN3 was formally invited to Suriname by Minister of Foreign Affairs, Albert Ramdin, who has pushed for the nation to discover new economic drivers that can also help drive business and investment into the country. Ramdin had become intrigued by Bitcoin’s value proposition after understanding the positive developments that Bitcoin brought to El Salvador, as well as how it can modernize Suriname’s payments industry and improve financial inclusion for all citizens.

Before their talks with government officials, Mow and JAN3 Chief Operating Officer, Ben Van Hool, met with key people from Suriname’s business sector, including entrepreneurs, pension fund managers, representatives from banks, payment service providers, and even the banking commission itself. JAN3’s pitch on the many benefits Bitcoin can bring to nations was particularly well-received by those coming from the finance industry.

However, to obtain a better understanding of Suriname’s economic landscape, Mow and Van Hool met with Central Bank Deputy Governor, Rakesh Adhin and his team on Monday. This encounter was deemed crucial by JAN3 to envision a local Bitcoin strategy, due to Suriname’s current debt and inflation numbers.

When asked why they had visited Suriname, Mow reflected that “Suriname’s current debt woes and inflationary cycle are part of a bigger problem, the legacy financial system. Bitcoin offers a way out not only for individuals but as El Salvador has shown, for entire nations looking to win back their financial sovereignty.”

JAN3’s talks with President Santokhi were held on Tuesday morning at the Office of the President after Mow and Van Hool had spent days getting to know the country. Conversations with the president revolved around energy, monetary theory, and even how Bitcoin mining operations could be installed in Suriname’s remote villages to help them be self-sustaining.

President Santokhi has asked JAN3 to provide a proposal and next steps on how to implement a Bitcoin strategy for Suriname, as his goal is for the country to be a global leader in finance and technology. The president wants to improve the lives of his people and use the latest technology to secure wealth for this and future generations as well as increased financial inclusion.

Mow, more widely known for his involvement in nation-state Bitcoin initiatives around the world, stated that “Bitcoin can do great things for all countries and there are no downsides to adopting

it, but these trips and meetings are needed to learn firsthand how to address each nation-state’s strengths and needs in a Bitcoin context.”

Van Hool, a Belgian industrialist, added “We’re very excited to be in talks with the government of Suriname. While Bitcoin’s economic significance is beyond debate, we’ve also seen in El Salvador how it can boost industries like tourism. Suriname’s Amazon rainforest and natural beauty also deserve to attract thousands of Bitcoin tourists.”

Despite Suriname's status as the smallest South American country, Mow and Van Hool view this as an advantage. They assert that smaller nations face fewer obstacles to Bitcoin adoption and more potential upside, due to the absence of an entrenched financial infrastructure and the relative impact it can have on the international spotlight. Suriname represents a greenfield opportunity — a chance to be a global leader in innovation with Bitcoin technology.

JAN3 and the government of Suriname will continue discussing further steps and policies that the country can implement to leverage its natural resources in a wider Bitcoin strategy. Mow and Van Hool coincided in saying that their trip is evidence that Suriname is indeed open for business and foreign investment, which along with the country’s new oil operations, can fast-track economic growth and create new job opportunities for the Surinamese.

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JAN3 is a digital infrastructure company focused on expanding access to Bitcoin technology, founded and led by Samson Mow, best known for his efforts in nation-state Bitcoin adoption around the world. JAN3's mission is to accelerate hyperbitcoinization by providing tools for individuals, autonomous regions, and sovereign nations to benefit from a free and open financial system based on Bitcoin.

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